Leap Motion

Like many other people I pre-ordered a Leap Motion when I first saw
the demonstration videos. I was suitably impressed with what was on
offer and couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

A few days ago it arrived and I have had a chance to play with it.

Q: Does Leap Motion live up to the hype?
A: nope

Q: Is Leap Motion a replacement for a Windows 8 touch screen?
A: nope

I don't want to slam Leap Motion because it really is a nice piece of
technology. But sadly it is virtually unusable. I'm going to show you
two videos of Leap Motion. The first is leap motion at its best and the
second is Leap Motion at its worst.

Leap Motion at it's best!

In this video, I am using Google Earth and navigating to London. It
takes a bit of practice but in my opinion, this is the best demo of Leap


Leap Motion at it's worst

In this video, I am trying to use Leap Motion as a mouse replacement.
Most of the video is spent trying to minimize a window.