What podcasts do I listen to?

For the past 18 months, I have really submerged myself into podcasts.  I
subscribe to 24 different podcasts and consume them far quicker than
they are created.  This is a discussion of how I manage that process and
which podcasts I listen to.

Why should I listen to Podcasts?

You should find your own reasons to listen to podcasts, but the best
reason I can think of is that you actually enjoy them.  I also listen to
them for education.  The podcasts tend to talk about the latest and
greatest thinking in tech, so if you aren’t exposed to these things at
work, at least you won’t be entirely left behind.

Which Podcasts should I listen to?

Here is a list of the current podcasts I subscribe to:

This list may seem like a lot, but I have managed to learn to listen to
them whilst working with little distraction.  I also used to listen to
them whilst commuting and running.  I no longer commute and I have
switched to audiobooks for runs now.  Even so, I consume these podcasts
much faster than they are produced.

I have highlighted the non-technical ones to save confusion for people
only looking for technical podcasts.


I use an iPhone so am currently using
Downcast to manage my playlists.  I have a single playlist named (incorrectly) “Car Playlist” shown below:


The app will automatically download any new podcasts and put them into a
queue .  This means that I do not need to select what I listen to next,
it simply just plays continuously in date order.  When I started this
process 18 months ago, I decided to go back 6-9 months on each podcast
and download all from then.  This meant that I always had a buffer of
podcasts which started at about 180 hours, but now stands at 34 hours.
i am adding new podcasts all the time, but I still seem to listen to
them faster than they can be produced.  I have even stopped listening to
podcasts during my runs in favour of audiobooks, but this has done
little to slow me down.  I have now consumed 4 audio books this month
from running alone.

If you find it hard to work and listen to podcasts, then I would
recommend you create 2 playlists.  One for “serious” listening, and one
for “casual” listening.  This way, you can listen to the “casual”
playlist whilst working, where it doesn’t matter if you give it your
full attention.  The “serious” playlist can be reserved for
episodes/podcasts that you really want to pay attention to.

Any others?

I am always looking for recommendations for new podcasts, so if anyone
has any, please do let me know.