Raspberry Pi Series: Replacing the Lego case

This is the second part in the Raspberry Pi series. The *Raspberry
Pi *
series is outlined here (it will obviously grow):

  1. Raspberry Pi Series: raspbmc and lego
  2. Raspberry Pi Series: Replacing the Lego case
After having my **Raspberry Pi** for a little while I was beginning to get annoyed with the Lego case.  The case is certainly fun to build and could be a great starting point for any kids who are interested in the **Pi.** However, there are some negatives to the Lego case so I decided to replace it.
The main issue I was having was that the Lego case is a little flimsy.  When you are putting cables in and pulling cables out of the **Pi**, you sometimes have to use a little force and the Lego case just wasn't up to it.  Bits of it would crumble off as I pulled out a cable, which proved to be fairly frustrating.
After some searching on **Amazon** I have bought another case and am very pleased with it.  The link to the case I bought is [here](http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B008TCUXLW/ref=oh_details_o05_s00_i00).  Below are some pictures of the **Pi** inside the new case.

New Case

New Case 2

I can highly recommend this case for the **Raspberry Pi**.  It is a really snug fit and is very well designed.
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