Structuremap MVC4 nuget package with custom MembershipProvider

Default MembershipProvider could not be found

I recently had an issue writing an MVC 4 application with the
following parts:

  • Custom MembershipProvider
  • StructureMap Dependency Injection container via the Nuget package StructureMap.MVC4
  • IMembershipService interface
    • The purpose of this is to wrap up the MembershipProvider to make it testable.

I wired up the dependencies for my application in the
IoC.Initialize() method:

This method (and class) was placed in my application by the
StructureMap.MVC4 NuGet package mentioned earlier.

The constructor of the Account Controller looks like this:

The IMembershipService dependency should be injected by StructureMap
defined in the Initialize method above.\
\ However, when I run my code I get the following:\

No parameterless constructor defined for this object.

This error is saying that StructureMap was unable to load the
AccountController as there was not a parameterless constructor
available. I found this odd, as I have defined one constructor and had
setup StructureMap appropriately to inject the dependency. I
searched around for a solution for this and found

Essentially, you have to tell StructureMap which Membership provider to

But, I still got the following error:


This was the final piece of the puzzle. The StructureMap.MVC4 NuGet
package added a file called StructureMapMvc.cs into the
App_Start folder. This file uses the PreApplicationStartMethod to fire the static Start method within the class. I figured that it
may be firing too early and the Membership.Provider property was not
yet populated (if someone is able to confirm this, that would be great).
I removed the PreApplicationStartMethod attribute and instead called
the Start method directly from the Global.asax.

It all started working great after that.